It's time to account
for the planet.

Empowering consumers to manage their carbon footprint through accurate climate accounting.


for our planet.

Everything you buy comes at a cost, but not all the costs are clear to see. We’re here to give the planet a voice by shining a light on the climate impacts of consumer products.

Accounting for our planet

A label to trust.

Accurate labelling of a product’s CO2e emissions gives you a measure you can compare and contrast. It adds clarity and legitimacy in the murky world of greenwashing and unsubstantiated claims of sustainability.

CO2E Label

Empowering consumers for a sustainable future.

Consumers should have the ability to take more control over their day-to-day environmental impact. When products are labelled with their CO2e emissions, consumers can make informed purchasing decisions based on the impact they want to have.

Accounting for our planet

Transparency matters.

We believe brands worth supporting should be proud to share all the impacts of their products. Not proud of your climate impact? Change the way your company approaches sustainability until you are. We’d be happy to help.

Eco Transparency Matters

Your purchase is your vote.

A purchase is never just a choice between things. It’s a choice of which company deserves your support. It’s a vote, not just for a group of people, but for the things they believe in and the way they operate.

Accounting for our planet

Neutral isn’t enough.

We are facing a crisis. Carbon neutral is like breaking even. It doesn’t harm, but it doesn’t actively help either. Choosing carbon-negative materials like natural cork, and supporting the brands that use them, will actively improve the stability of our climate.

Carbon neutral not enough

“Our fate is inextricably linked to that of our planet and we cannot exist independently from the climate that sustains us. True sustainability is our only feasible way forward, and properly accounting for our planet is the only way to achieve it.”

— Mike Baker, Founder and CEO of SOLE, ReCORK and CO2negative.

Mike Baker, CEO
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