About us

CO2negative is founded on the simple belief that brands can, and must, do better to account for their impact on the planet. We also believe that people deserve access to the information they need to minimize their environmental impact through day-to-day decisions.

Carbon emission score

We work to provide clear and reliable labelling to educate consumers on the total carbon emissions associated with a product.

Born from cork.

The inspiration behind CO2negative comes from the realization of a dream: to replace fossil-fuel foams and plastics with a sustainable alternative made from natural cork.

After more than a decade of recycling wine corks through our recycling initiative ReCORK, we created a material that meets all the demands of high-performance petroleum based foams. This material is overwhelmingly carbon-negative because it’s made from natural cork, sustainably harvested from carbon-trapping cork forests.

Cork product origin story

Sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of form or function.

When approached in the right way, production has the potential to actively fight climate change.

It’s possible to satisfy human needs while working with nature rather than against it. Making products that remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they add is a viable option.

Consumers should have the right to choose between products that perform the same function, based on which has a better impact on the planet.

Cork products
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